Call for Papers: EUMENIA Conference on EU-Middle East Relations, University of Jordan, Amman, 28-29 March 2022

Call for Papers: EUMENIA Conference on EU-Middle East Relations, University of Jordan, Amman, 28-29 March 2022

The EU-Middle East Jean Monnet Network (EUMENIA) and the University of Jordan will convene an International Conference on 28-29 March 2022 that explores the multifaceted relationships – including the cultural, political, social, legal and economic interrelations – between the European Union and the Middle East.

We welcome contributions from academics at all levels, but particularly encourage early career researchers and young scholars (such as PhD Candidates and postdoctoral researchers) to submit an abstract. This interdisciplinary conference will involve different fields and sub-fields, including Middle Eastern Studies, European Studies, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, Economics, Law and Political Science. The panels will be chaired by leading scholars from Europe and the Middle East involved currently with EUMENIA. As such, participants will have the opportunity to present their research, receive feedback and also engage with leading researchers and academics from the consortium of EUMENIA.

Suggested Topics

  • Pedagogical issues such as the decolonisation of the curricula and the decentring agenda, including the study of the Middle East in European Universities and of Europe in Middle Eastern Universities.
  • EU-Middle East relations, including relations between individual Middle Eastern Countries and the EU or EU member states.
  • Historical Constructions, including Europe and the Ottoman Empire, colonialism in the Middle East, anti-colonial movements, etc.
  • Perspectives (theoretical and practical) on issues of identity, security, comparative politics, political economy, feminism, islamophobia and racism.
  • Multilateralism and geopolitical perspectives, including political geographies, Arab regionalism, EU-GCC relations, EU-Turkey relations, EU-US relations and their impact on the Middle East, EU-Russia relations, and the Middle East.
  • Peace, security and conflict, such as the EU’s role in and position towards Palestine/Israel, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Egypt, Al Qaeda/ISIS as well as migration and refugees.
  • Current trends, such as perceptions of Europe, populist politics and their impact, democracy agenda, resilience, civil society and human rights, Islamist actors, gender and LGBTQI+.
  • Development economics, trade and societal issues such as for example the EU’s development model, migration, youth, new media, refugees and diasporas, trade patterns and imbalances, arms trade and natural resources.

The EUMENIA consortium particularly encourages early career academics to submit their work.

To submit a paper, please send the following details: abstract (up to 200 words) and your contact details (full name, institution/department, email address) and a short bio (up to 50 words). Please send this information as one pdf document to Dr. Wisam Hazimeh ( and Dr. Dimitris Bouris ( with Ms Debora Del Piano in cc ( 

Deadline for submission: 10 January 2022

Successful applicants will be notified by 31 January 2022

For further details, you may contact Dr Wisam Hazimeh ( and/or Dr Dimitris Bouris (

We would like to inform you that unfortunately there are no grants available for the workshop so participants will need to cover their own travel/accommodation expenses.


Kind regards,

Wisam Hazimeh and Dimitris Bouris 

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